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Preparing for the CA Foundation Exam with JKSC

The ICAI exam, also known as the CA exam, is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for aspirants to Chartered Accountants in India. The exam takes place at different levels depending on the CA courses. To be certified as a Chartered Accountant, candidates must qualify f…

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J.K.Shah Classes - Best Corporate Secretary Coaching Course in India

The Institute of Company Secretaries is an organization that focuses on the development and regulation of the profession of Company Secretaries in India. ICSI membership plays a vital role in job openings in the corporate world and recruitment for state and central government positions.

 J.K.Shah Classes is one of the best company secretary coaching in India


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Few tips to stay confident at the time of the CS exam

To achieve anything in any competition, the first thing you need to learn is to calm yourself. It's not possible to crack one of the toughest exams in the country without a little bit of inspiration within. This rule applies to every job and competitive exam.

But the anxiety students feel is pret…

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How to Clear CS Executive in First Attempt?

CS Course Coaching Institute

With 38+ years of experience, our professors are here to help you fast track your CS career. Study with the best, enroll at JK SHAH today! It’s never too late! Start your preparations now and be CS exam ready with JK Shah’s online classes.

Know more:…

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J.K. Shah Classes – What Makes Them The Best CA Classes in Bangalore, India?

Do you have a dream of writing the prefix CA to your name? Most commerce students aspire to make a flourishing career as chartered accountants. The profession is highly prestigious, and the job opportunities are also high paying. Make a wise decision to transform your career goals into reality. Choo…

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J.K. Shah Classes - Why Is It the Best Online Coaching Class for Company Secretary in India?

Any aspirant preparing for the company secretary professional course needs constant guidance. Having the guidance of a reliable coaching institute helps them a lot. It not only makes them well-prepared, but they also gain insights into the correct steps to make a successful career in the field. You …

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Preparation tips for CS exam 2022: choose notes wisely, know when to stop studying

The company secretary is a prestigious position and is one of the highest-paid professions. To become a CS, the potential students have to qualify through three stages of examination and then training from a recognized CS. The company secretary examination is one of the toughest exams in India. You …

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How can I do CS classes in Mumbai?

A company secretary is an in-house legal expert employed to run the company's administration effectively. They are corporate professionals who regulate statutory and legal compliances and are also responsible for implementing their decisions. They suggest various ways to create financial reports, de…

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Just Do a Company Secretary Course in Mumbai and Crack Your Exam in One Go?

Company secretaries are important professionals in charge of corporate administration and public sector undertakings. The main problem is a huge demand, but not enough company secretaries in India. Each company with a capital of over Rs. 5 crore has to hire a full-time company secretary. Even the ce…

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Things You Need To Know About The Company Secretary Program

The only popular careers were teaching, engineering, MBA, banking, and medicine in the earlier times. However, these days are gone. Now, students have thousands of career choices. In addition, there are thousands of certification courses you can pursue to have a career of your choice. However, you n…

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Learn More about the Chartered Accountancy in India

Chartered accountants formed the first professional accounting body, founded in 1854 in Scotland. Chartered accountants operate in auditing, taxation, financial, and general management, among other business and finance areas. Some work in public practice, some in the private sector, while others wor…

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How to Select the Best Ca Coaching Classes?

Are you an aspiring Chartered Accountant? You may have cleared your Common Proficiency Test or CPT with the school knowledge, but now you will need expert guidance. You also need to understand that last-minute preparations are not enough to pass the intermediate examinations. So, you have to enroll …

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Why is JK Shah Classes best to get success in CA foundation?

In childhood, C and A are only alphabets, but only for an elite few; it is a dream of becoming a coveted chartered accountant to have a prefix of CA to their names. But for that, they have to first pass the CA foundation exams after completing their higher secondary exams. As noted, businessman Kuma…

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The Benefits of Cs Coaching Classes at J.K. Shah Classes

Like CA, CS is one of the most challenging examinations without thinking twice. To pursue CMA, hours of learning aren’t only necessary, but dedication, the right coaching, and guidance are also essential. And our CS coaching classes in Mumbai ensure that you receive the best coaching without hassles…

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What Are The Career Opportunities For A Chartered Accountant?

Over the last few decades, chartered accountancy has been one of the most popular and preferred careers opportunities for commerce students. Becoming a CA is often a dream of lakhs of candidates across the country, but the journey isn’t easy.

It takes years and sometimes almost a decade to clear …

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Why Choose J. K. Shah Classes For Your Career

Prof. J. K. Shah, founder and pioneer behind J. K. Shah Classes is a thorough educationist. He has specialized in coaching aspirant Chartered Accountants (CA) for last 32 years. There must be thousands of qualified CAs who have studied in J. K. Shah Classes and have passed out with flying colors. J.…

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5 Benefits of CA Classes at JK Shah Classes

Your search for the best coaching classes for having all their benefits for CA studies ends here. As per a famous quote, CA studies are not tough, but it is only for the toughest and the determined to follow the absolute legendary. As Kumara Mangalam Birla said that CA is not a mere certificate but …

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How To Concentrate and Improve Your Focus On Your Studies for CA?

If you want to concentrate more and improve your focus on your CA studies, you are in the right place. CA is only alphabets during childhood, but it becomes a dream for many students to become professional chartered accountants. As per Ratan Tata's words, "I need MBA to run business but CA for teach…

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Best Classes For CA Inter

Institute of Chartered Accountant of India has released the CA Foundation Syllabus. Candidates who want to appear for the exam must follow the official syllabus for the upcoming CA Foundation exam. This exam is conducted for students who have passed or going to appear for Class 12 board exam this …

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JK Shah Classes: The Best Coaching Institute for CS classes In Chennai.

The Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) is the governing body of all the company secretaries in India. The body organizes the Company Secretary examinations every year to select the best candidates who would become company secretaries of some of the most prestigious corporate companies in…

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