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Preparing for the CA Foundation Exam with JKSC

The ICAI exam, also known as the CA exam, is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for aspirants to Chartered Accountants in India. The exam takes place at different levels depending on the CA courses. To be certified as a Chartered Accountant, candidates must qualify for all levels of the ICAI exams.

It is not easy to quickly prepare for the most important exam in a student's life, the ICAI CA exam. You should join the best CA foundation classes near you. A student can qualify for the ICAI CA exam with a proper study plan and essential materials. You should start your preparation to complete the extensive program as soon as possible.

On the Chartered Accountancy (CA) exam, CA Foundation score, CPT score is around 30%, CA Intermediate score, IPCC score is about 4-8%, and Final CA is approximately 3-8%.

 best CA foundation classes near you

In this article, you will get a complete guide on preparing for the CA exam.

How to Prepare for the CAT Exam | Ultimate ICAI CA Exam Prep Tips

CA Exam Prep Tip 1: Start Early

Prepare for the CPT exam in the best possible way because the CPT scores set targets for the IPCC. When students take the CPT exam seriously, they get good results and become enthusiastic and confident about the IPCC exam. This leads to the successful results of the IPCC. It would help if you first searched for the best ca foundation classes near me.

As the new academic year has begun, it is time for students to start their preparation well in advance. It is expected that most students tend to neglect their studies.

Students think they have plenty of time and start studying when exams are near. Well, now is the right way to prepare.

Students should plan their preparation carefully and follow the same. Everyone should make it a routine to implement the practice and study accordingly.

 Best CA Foundation Coaching

CA Exam Prep Tip 2: Build a Solid Study Plan

When you are ready to begin your preparation, you first need to establish an appropriate study plan or timetable for a full year of practice.

Allow time for each topic and try to complete it. Make your study plan so that you don't have to feel hectic about it.

Don't make your schedule too long as you have to go to school. Allow equal time for all topics. Give more time for subjects to be completed during the weekends.

CA Exam Prep Tip 3: Select the Right Institutes for CA Coaching

Choosing the right CA coaching institute is essential to passing the CA exam. Indeed, the two foundations on which success in the CAT exam is based are:

In the right direction, hard work

Working hard and making the most of the effort is in the hands of the students. But the problem arises when it comes to choosing a CA coaching institute. Most of these institutes boast good results, and hence it becomes difficult for the students to recognize the right institute.

If someone wants to choose a suitable institute, he should always know the CA exam result of last year in the institutes. Aspiring CAs should select only institutes that have performed well. Proper coaching and guidance make a real difference in passing the CA exam.

 CA Foundation Classes Near Me

CA Exam Prep Tip 4: Achieve an Achievable Goal

As the CA exam part is large, you cannot complete it in one go. Allow equal time and complete portions.

Set a daily or weekly goal and achieve it. Outside of your school portions, you can study more if you have more time.

CA 5 Exam Prep Tip: Know the Full Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Always divide the program into sections A, B, and C. Section A is the one that covers 30% of the entire program by volume. But the critical point is that 70% of the questions are asked from this section only. Section C is the one that covers 50% of the entire syllabus, but only 20% of the questions come from this section. Apart from these two sections, the remaining area is section B.

 Coaching Classes For CA Foundation

Once you have started your CA Exam preparation, carefully go through the CA Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

Make a list of subjects you know, easy subjects, and complex subjects separately. In your study plan, devote more time to complex topics and less time to issues you find easier.

Ace, make sure you have the right CA exam books for preparation.

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J.K.Shah Classes - Best Corporate Secretary Coaching Course in India

The Institute of Company Secretaries is an organization that focuses on the development and regulation of the profession of Company Secretaries in India. ICSI membership plays a vital role in job openings in the corporate world and recruitment for state and central government positions.

 J.K.Shah Classes is one of the best company secretary coaching in India

Performance in the ICSI exam helps the institute award degrees and become members of deserving candidates. Good CS coaching plays a vital role in getting a good exam ranking.

The ICSI exam has three different stages: 

The Basic Exam: This is the first level of the Company Secretaries course. Students who have passed the CA Foundation and CMA Foundation exams and students with a master's degree are exempt from taking this exam.

Intermediate Exam: This course can be taken by graduates of all majors except Fine Arts.

Final Exam: This course can only be completed after completing the Intermediate CS Course Exam.

Given the competitive nature of the exams and the ever-increasing number of candidates taking them, strategy preparation is vital in navigating through the exams. This article provides you with a list of the top 10 coaching institutes for CS in India.

 Online CS Coaching

Why Choose Online CS Coaching? Why Choose J.K. Shah Courses?


J.K.Shah Classes offers online CS coaching. J.K.Shah Classes is one of the best company secretary coaching in India. This is the one factor that sets us apart from our competitors. Students don't have to travel or relocate to other cities, so they have the luxury of watching online tutorials at their leisure. This helps students save a lot of time and energy, which they can use in preparing the material.

India's best teachers:

We have at our disposal the best and most experienced Computer Science teaching faculties in India. This is probably why we rank among the best CS coaching institutes in India.


Online coaching saves money and is ten times more cost-effective than face-to-face CS classes. We also offer a free trial with all the features of a paid subscription once you sign up on our official website, which will allow you to assess the quality of education we offer and what we have to offer. Offer you. J.K.Shah Classes is the best company secretary coaching class in India.


Live Interaction and Recorded Sessions:

SuperProfs Offers online video lectures for CS coaching. In addition to this, we also host weekly live tutorials in which we hold live sessions with our teachers. These live sessions provide strategic guidance to students for their preparation and exams. Students can ask doubts through our live interaction channel, and the faculty can solve them immediately.

If a student cannot attend the live session, we provide recorded sessions. Thus, students do not have to worry about lessons they have missed. These recorded sessions come with quick playback options.

Lecture Summary - Notes and Study Materials:

 J.K.Shah's classes will provide summary notes for each lecture. Students can use this material for future reference. We also provide mock tests to help students assess themselves and refine their preparation. This allows students to analyze their mistakes and improve their performance in the next exam. SuperProfs strongly believes in the saying, "Practice makes a man perfect."

At J.K.Shah Classes, we strive to demystify the CS exam for you and help you understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and topic preparation strategy, which are critical ingredients for passing the exam quickly. The team constantly focuses on techniques to revolutionize a student's learning experience using technology.

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Few tips to stay confident at the time of the CS exam

To achieve anything in any competition, the first thing you need to learn is to calm yourself. It's not possible to crack one of the toughest exams in the country without a little bit of inspiration within. This rule applies to every job and competitive exam.

But the anxiety students feel is pretty normal during preparation for the exam. You can follow a few tips to negate this lack of confidence. Though you must take cognizance of what you study and the actual contents you need to study, the catch lies in how well you can grasp it.

 CS course coaching institute

  • Extensive preparation: Be it a CS exam or another, there is no better way and can't be than the need to study well. It's not wise to discuss smart work or hard work. We should focus on qualitative work rather than quantitative.

You should study, pay attention to what teachers teach and read notes on everything. The best way to do this is not to study continuously but to take a good rest and then study again. Research has shown that those who study before exams too and walk to exams straightway cannot do well.

  • Importance group study: 

When we study with like-minded people who are as enthusiastic as we are to crack the exam, our mind naturally makes our study more competitive. We discuss different ideas among our friends and try to dodge others in performance.

When we record something or listen to something, our brain remembers it more than what we study. In a way, this group study plays a significant role in shaping our confidence.

 Best CS Coaching In Indore

  • Assume a positive attitude: 

It's ok to fail. What matters is how fast we can be back on track. A positive attitude helps us tackle difficult questions in exams and keeps our minds open to any adverse situation. It's not possible every time though, maybe because the subject is challenging or our preparation is not good.

Whatever the case, perhaps we fear the exam and try to blame everything. But if long before the exam you join best CS course coaching institutethen you will be groomed accordingly. And as we know, when our preparation is well, even if the exam is tough, we can pass it with flying colours.


  • Trusting yourself: 

When you study well and prepare well for the exam, your mind will start believing you. Gradually you will develop belief in yourself. So indirectly, it's easier to trust yourself when the preparation is good enough.

You cannot study everything just one hour before the exam. Instead, you need to believe that you have given 100 per cent of yourself. Joining a good CS course coaching institute is important for this. It will boost your preparation and make you confident before the exam.

  • Good food and meditation: 

There is a saying that we are what we eat. It is valid for not only our body but for our mind also. Eating healthy and light food will always help our minds concentrate and calm quickly. Along with that, a daily little bit of meditation will be helpful to calm your mind.

It's not possible to be the best all the time, but we can try to be someone among them. If we don't try and postpone our studies for tomorrow, then an exam like CS will not be a cup of tea.


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How to Clear CS Executive in First Attempt?

CS Course Coaching Institute

With 38+ years of experience, our professors are here to help you fast track your CS career. Study with the best, enroll at JK SHAH today! It’s never too late! Start your preparations now and be CS exam ready with JK Shah’s online classes.

Know more:

J.K. Shah Classes – What Makes Them The Best CA Classes in Bangalore, India?

Do you have a dream of writing the prefix CA to your name? Most commerce students aspire to make a flourishing career as chartered accountants. The profession is highly prestigious, and the job opportunities are also high paying. Make a wise decision to transform your career goals into reality. Choosing the best coaching center for CA preparation makes your route to success smooth. 

 Best CA Coaching Institute

A reputed coaching center 

If you are looking for the Best CA Classes in Bangalore, J.K. Shah Classes is the best choice you can make to ensure success. The coaching center has been the top pick for most CA toppers and aspirants in the past. They bring you the best learning facilities and material with expert guidance, making you perfectly ready for securing the degree. 

Experience makes the difference

The CA classes Bangalore have been running for 38 years, and it evidently speaks for the expertise of the team. Experience can be a game-changing element while preparing students for their CA examinations. The teachers have been guiding students for years and they recognize the best ways to manage the vast syllabus of CA exam papers. 

 Best Classes For CA Foundation

A systematic curriculum for CA aspirants


With the best CA coaching institute, you get a systematic curriculum covering the following -

  • CA foundation
  • CA intermediate
  • CA final

With each curriculum, get detailed coverage of all the topics present in the exam syllabus. From accounting principles in the foundation course to corporate laws in the CA final papers, the coaching brings everything an aspirant requires to secure the professional title. All you need is to concentrate and study well by following their guidance and tips. 

Comprehensive study material made by experts

Anyone aspiring to study CA or is currently preparing for the exams is aware of the vastness of the syllabus. Self-study and making notes all by themselves impact the preparation rate negatively. The best CA coaching experts provide you with ready-made study material and lecture sessions. You can completely rely on the updated study materials and perform well in the examination. A team of subject matter experts develops the material by reviewing the best ways to cover the whole syllabus.

 Best CA Coaching Near Me

Get expert tips from the best team

Tips before the examination make the ultimate difference. You may have prepared well throughout the year, but the last moment tips can do wonders. The best coaching institute brings you the best suggestions to succeed under pressure and gives your best shot at clearing all the papers in one attempt. 

Online and offline coaching options

The flexibility of coaching facilities offered over here makes the coaching center the foremost choice for most CA aspirants. You can find online and offline courses that make the preparation convenient for all the students. These are practical advantages that keep the institute one step ahead of the rest. 

Take the first step towards success.

Make a wise decision in identifying the best coaching and prepare well to secure the career you aspire to. Get quality guidance from hardworking tutors and mentors to leave no stone unturned for your next attempt. 

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J.K. Shah Classes - Why Is It the Best Online Coaching Class for Company Secretary in India?

Any aspirant preparing for the company secretary professional course needs constant guidance. Having the guidance of a reliable coaching institute helps them a lot. It not only makes them well-prepared, but they also gain insights into the correct steps to make a successful career in the field. You can find many coaching institutes if you search on the internet. But can you rely on them? Read along to identify the best choice –

 Best Online Coaching

  • Get online and offline guidance


With J.K. Shah Classes for secretary online coaching classes, get the best guidance in online and offline mediums. Even with the pandemic and ongoing social restrictions, you can find quality guidance on their online classes. They are certainly the best coaching center that assures an optimal success rate for all the aspirants. The best part about choosing them as your guide for the course is you can manage the expenses within an affordable budget. 


  • Live interactions with experts


The best company secretary online coaching classes in India provides interactive learning sessions that facilitate the learning process. Even with online classes, you can find the option to learn with live and recorded video sessions. Each tutor and guide in the coaching institute has incredible expertise on the paper they are teaching. With them, you can conveniently clear all the doubts without any hesitation. 

 J.K. Shah Classes

  • Get ready-made studymaterials


Organizing the study materials for self-study takes up a lot of your time. It impacts the preparation negatively. Why hamper your preparation when you get the finest study material and lecture synopsis from the experts? The coaching classes provide you with updated study material covering every paper and topic. 


  • Planned curriculum for students


The best coaching center covers the entrance test, CS executive modules and CS professional course topics. They have separate curriculums for the said exams and courses. You get a systematic setup that enhances the quality of learning. All students except those belonging to fine arts background can take up their course and boost their preparation for ensuring the best performance. 

 Best Online Coaching Class for Company Secretary in India

  • Years of experience in guiding toppers


With an experience of 38years of guiding the toppers, J.K. Shah Coaching Classes brings the best mentoring session for the aspirants. The teaching faculties and subject matter experts in the institution have years of experience, and their expertise reflects in the performance of the aspirants passing out every year. 


  • Branches across multiple cities


Irrespective of the city you live in, you can always find the best guidance. Choose online or offline coaching classes to make your preparation better than the rest. The 68 branches of the coaching institute all across the country enables every aspirant to find quality guidance under the best mentors. 


Make a wise decision for a successful career.


Do you also want to rank high in the exams and prepare well to make a career as a company secretary? Enroll in the coaching center for receiving the best support and tips that will make the ultimate difference. Score better and make a career that you had always dreamt of! 

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Preparation tips for CS exam 2022: choose notes wisely, know when to stop studying

The company secretary is a prestigious position and is one of the highest-paid professions. To become a CS, the potential students have to qualify through three stages of examination and then training from a recognized CS. The company secretary examination is one of the toughest exams in India. You may compare the difficulty level to the chartered accountant examination. In this post, we will be sharing some tips and tricks that you can follow to crack CS examinations easily.

How to successfully crack the company secretary examination?

From finding the best CS coaching classes in Bangalore to selecting the best question papers and study material, devising a strong strategy is necessary. You must not lose your nerve in the process.

The following professional tips will help you crack the CS examination easily.

  1. Understand The Examination Pattern And Syllabus

The first thing you must do is get yourself acquainted with the course. You can start by determining what subjects you may select to understand the examination pattern and syllabus. The student may also learn about the other optional subjects from different modules and programs. You may also contact the best CS coaching classes in Bangalore for more details.

  1. Create a strategy

The next step is to devise a strategy for preparation. You need to evaluate how much time you need to complete the syllabus and then revise it. Now you have to gain information on each subject and understand your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you dedicate more time to the weaker ideas and build up your strengths.

  1. Get hold of good study material.

Like any other examination, there are many books, ebooks, sample papers, and study materials to help the student prepare for the CS examination. But, starting from various study materials can confuse you and leave you frustrated. So you must remember to select your study material wisely and pick out the best sellers who offer study materials concisely and effectively for the competitive examination.

CS Coaching Centres In Kochi

  1. Follow your plan

When strategizing a plan for CS study, you need to ensure that you are not following any idealistic approach. You must always make your strategy and make a point to stick to it. It will lead to better results in the long run.

 In this way, you will end up with an achievable standard.

Daily revision

Revise whatever you have studied the previous week to improve your retention abilities. You can start your revision even before completing the entire syllabus. Once you have completed a syllabus, add writing practice to your revision. Try to complete one sample paper of every subject each week to understand your preparation and fine-tune your readiness.

  1. Be confident before the examination.

It is common to get stressed and develop anxiety and self-doubt as the examination is approaching. In this stage, you have to rely on your preparedness. Sit for the examination with the same positivity you had when you started preparing.

Best CS Coaching Classes In Bangalore


If you want to perform better in your company secretary examination, you may join CS coaching classes in Bangalore. The teachers and the staff will help you get prepared for the examination. With the regular mock tests and sample test papers, you will understand your preparation level.


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How can I do CS classes in Mumbai?

A company secretary is an in-house legal expert employed to run the company's administration effectively. They are corporate professionals who regulate statutory and legal compliances and are also responsible for implementing their decisions. They suggest various ways to create financial reports, develop corporate strategy, conduct business meetings, and do other things. In most companies, the company secretary acts as the chief advisor to the directors.

CS Course Coaching Institute

What do the best CS classes in Mumbai offer to the students?

To become a company secretary, the potential candidate must join the best CS classes in MumbaiHere are some points that you should keep in mind before selecting the best classes:

  • The batch sizes of the best CS classes in Mumbai are small and are not more than 10 to 15 students. Therefore, the teachers can offer individual attention to each student. The teachers also offer one-on-one attention and guarantee that students' doubts are cleared.

Highly qualified and expert professors successfully teach the syllabus. They also ensure that the students understand each topic and often conduct oral tests to understand whether they are getting the topic.

Best Company Secretary Coaching In India

  • Every week, the parents are informed about their child’s performance in each examination. The parents can also talk one-on-one with the teacher directly. However, they need to book an appointment before the parent's teacher session.
  • The study material has been carefully and scientifically structured to ensure that the students understand each topic.
  • At the coaching institute, the students would be working on case scenarios, case studies, and real-life business scenarios. In this way, they understand the market and the responsibilities of a company secretary.

What are the various levels of the company secretary program?

For becoming a company secretary, the potential candidate has to clear three stages. The stages include foundation, intermediate and final stages. The eligibility criteria for becoming a CS:

  • After clearing the 10 + 2, the students have to apply for the foundation course. The course is for 8 months, and it is essential to qualify for this primary course.
  • After completing the foundation course, the students have to enroll in the intermediate course
  • After successfully clearing the intermediate course, they can enroll for the last stage, the final course.
  • Next, the candidates have to undergo training.
  • The practical training acquired by the students during the intermediate and the final course helps them become associate members of ICAI.
  • Once the training is complete, the students become associate company secretaries.

Best CS Classes In Mumbai



There are hundreds of training centers in Mumbai offering CS training classes. However, not all of them can offer good quality education and guidance to potential CS candidates. You need to check the Google reviews, reviews from previous candidates and check how many students have successfully cleared the CS examination from this institute. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is the fee structure. Ensure that the institution you're applying for has a fee structure that suits your budget.

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Just Do a Company Secretary Course in Mumbai and Crack Your Exam in One Go?

Company secretaries are important professionals in charge of corporate administration and public sector undertakings. The main problem is a huge demand, but not enough company secretaries in India. Each company with a capital of over Rs. 5 crore has to hire a full-time company secretary. Even the central and state governments have to appoint company secretaries in office cadres in many areas.



Company secretary responsibilities

Some of the main company secretary responsibilities and duties are:

·         Creation of company policies

·         Meeting arrangement

·         Maintenance of financial records and accounting

·         A company secretary performs as the intermediary body between the board of directors and the company

·         Negotiation with lawyers, auditors, and regulators over important company issues

·         Keeping statutory record books

·         Ensuring correct payment of interest payments and dividend

·         Fast execution of orders, agreements, resolutions, and contracts

So, if you want to be a company secretary or a corporate secretary, you must opt for a company secretary course in Mumbai.


For studying the company secretary course after class 12, you have to pass three levels of examinations. Step one is a foundation program, step two is an executive program, and step three is the professional program. Therefore, students who wish to continue the course after graduation have to only sit for two levels of examination; an executive program and a professional program.

The Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India is responsible for training and regulating company secretaries under the Company Secretaries Act 1980.

Why should you opt for a company secretary course in Mumbai?

There are many reasons why you should opt for the Company secretary course in Mumbai. Some of the main reasons are:

·         Classroom coaching

Training institute offered classroom coaching for the students who want to become company secretary. The batch sizes are smaller, so teachers can provide individual attention.


  • Study material and last minute revision kit

Training institutes also offer strategically and scientifically researched study material. The study materials have been carefully designed by experts and involve previous year's question papers.

  • Weekly revision examination

Training institutes conduct MCQ examinations every week after completing a module. The question papers are carefully scrutinized, and after the results, the student's performance is evaluated. If a student is weak in any section, the teachers offer doubt clearing sessions.

  • Mock examinations after course completion

After course completion, the training institutes conduct more examinations. The examination pattern is similar to the actual CS examination. In addition, the training institution also conducts written communication examinations, oral communication examinations, and viva voice.

The answer sheets are carefully reviewed, and each student offers advice after the result announcement.



  • Past question papers

The training institutes also offer a booklet containing previous year's question papers. The students have to carefully complete each question paper within the time limit to be ready before the examination.

  • Online support available

If the students have any queries while studying from home, they can directly contact the teachers at the institution.


Therefore, if you want to become a company secretary or a corporate secretary and manage a company, you must join company secretary coaching. Hundreds of training institutes and colleges offer company secretary coaching. However, you must look at the above-mentioned points before selecting the best CS training college.

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Things You Need To Know About The Company Secretary Program

The only popular careers were teaching, engineering, MBA, banking, and medicine in the earlier times. However, these days are gone. Now, students have thousands of career choices. In addition, there are thousands of certification courses you can pursue to have a career of your choice. However, you need to choose the correct one according to your aptitude and ability to work. It can be tricky, and you need guidance from expert professionals before deciding on a career. So, in this post, we will be talking about one such popular career, a Company Secretary.

A company secretary or CS is a demanding profession that thousands of individuals seek. The company secretaries are professionals responsible for maintaining the company policies and practices. They have to ensure that all these policies are financially and legally acceptable by the Government of India. They also need to ensure that their institution or organization follows all the laws laid out by the Government of India. So, as a CS, the person has to coordinate between the various departments of the institute effectively. So, to join a CS program, you need training. You can enroll for a company secretary coaching in Delhi for the best training and practical knowledge.

CS Program

As per the Company Secretaries Act, a company secretary is a registered member of the ICSI. The person has to gain this membership in ICSI by completing three Company Secretary Courses in the institute. So, to enroll in ICSI, you will also need Company Secretary Coaching In Delhi.

 A certified CS is a professional who works according to government principles and plays an important role in the legal management of a company. For example, a certified CS can work as a chief advisor or executive secretary.

The Examination

The course and the examination are conducted in three different levels. These include eight months foundation course, an executive course, and a professional program.

  • The candidates who have just passed 10+2 mayenroll in the foundation program.
  • The graduates can directly apply for the executive course.
  • But, for the professional program, it is mandatory to complete the previous program.

The CS examination for each level will be conducted two times a year, usually in June and December. The minimum duration of the CS training course is eight months. However, from the date of registration to the date of passing, it would take about three years to complete the course.

The CS Training Program

All the students have to complete the training programs before they become CS. Training programs are based on various skillsets like general knowledge, professionalism, and personality. The three main training programs of the CS course include:

  • The Student Induction Program (SIP) – You can complete this beginner course in 7 days. The students have to complete the program within six months of registration.
  • Executive Development Program- All the students who have successfully passed the executive program have to undergo this 8-day training program.
  • Professional Development Program (PDP).-You can complete this 25 hours PDP course after completing the executive program.
  • 15 months management training- During This training program, the aspirants must train under a certified CS in practice.


So, are you an aspiring Company Secretary? If you are passionate about pursuing this career, you need to find the best company secretary coaching in Delhi. 


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